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19th May 2022, Thursday – Global Turbine Asia Sdn. Bhd. (GTA) and SAFRAN Helicopters Engine (SHE) organised the much-anticipated Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Day 2022. In conjunction with the event, GTA as the sole Certified Maintenance Centre and distributor for SHE in Malaysia, took the opportunity to host the very first GTA Customer Appreciation Ceremony, to thank all customers for the support and trust given throughout the few difficult years in the wake of the pandemic. This was a concurrent regional event for all Safran engine operators in South East Asia, of which SHE will present virtually.  Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand took a step further in enhancing customer experience by making the very first attempt in crafting a hybrid event which combined in-person and virtual experiences for their respective customers.
More than 30 customers from different Safran engines operators in Malaysia were gathered in Colony @ KLCC to engage and discuss the most emergent engine related topics within the aviation community. This event marked the first attempt of SHE and GTA in crafting a hybrid event which combined in-person and virtual experiences. Customers participated in virtual presentations by SHE, focusing on Sustainability and Innovation, explaining the company’s industrial transitions and product development, inclusive of service provision, innovation, environment and sustainability. The event also featured expert meetings on Makila engine, Arrius engine and Arriel engine, catering to the presence of respective customers operating the different engine models.    
As a show of appreciation and honor to the loyalty and trust bestowed by Malaysian customers, Global Turbine Asia presented the Loyalty Appreciation Awards to celebrate the continued support, trust and confidence in GTA over the years and the Achievement Awards in honor of the dedication, commitment and devotion in performing their duties towards rakyat Malaysia.
The event ended with appreciation speech by GTA CEO, conveying his heartfelt and sincere thank you to all customers in Malaysia for the mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual respect shown. A shoutout was made to convey “thank you for relying on GTA”. GTA’s place is right beside the customers, be it in the past, present, or future.

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It was a great opportunity for Global Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd to involved in Safran Helicopter Engines Operators’ Symposium which was held on the 6th & 7th November in Hanoi, Vietnam. The theme for this event is ‘Focused on Making a Difference’ were strategically aim to prove that customers’ needs and missions being the priority for every single day. This event attended by helicopter operators and partners from across South – East Asia, Australia and New Zealand to share their latest information, products and services. There were different forum and workshop coordinated for the customers and they also shared their experiences on flying the Safran – powered helicopter. It was an interactive event as a platform that able to develop more networking, collaboration and ideas among the Asia Pacific operators. Full of appreciation to all customers for their continuous supports and dedicated passions in the helicopters industry.

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Langkawi, 28 March 2019,Global Turbine Asia (GTA) today marked the Royal Malaysian Navy’s 38,000 flight hours on Safran Arrius 1A engines with a celebration at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019 (LIMA’19).

The Arrius 1A engines are fitted on the twin-engine AS555 SN Fennec helicopters flown by the Royal Malaysian Navy’s 502 Squadron Naval Air Wing. These helicopters are utilised in various roles such as training, detection and over-the-horizon targeting as well as anti-piracy missions. Notably, Navy Commandoes had foiled an attempted hijacking of a Malaysian chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden with a Fennec helicopter in 2011.

Global Turbine Asia Chief Executive Officer, Valerie Patuel remarked, “This achievement is the culmination of a successful relationship built on trust through the years. We are honoured to work hand-in-hand with the Royal Malaysian Navy to support their fleet of Arrius 1A. The maturity and maintenance practice of the 502 Squadron Naval Air Wing sets a high benchmark in our industry.”

Efficient, compact and robust, the Arrius engines were chosen to power numerous light helicopters. Arrius engines have been proven to comply with the highest standards in terms of reliability and safety and received the EASA Part 145 Certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency.
The Fennec helicopters were procured by the Malaysian government in 2001, with the first helicopter entering active service in late 2003.

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27 March 2019, Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, Malaysia Global Turbine Asia, Weststar Aviation Services and Safran Power Units announce the signature of a Support-By-Hour (SBH®) contract covering the eAPU60 auxiliary power units fitted on operators’ AW189 helicopters. This contract formalizes a 3-year Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) agreement supporting a total of 4 eAPU60.

“It all starts with delivering with our pledge to our customers. Aircraft availability and safe flight operations are paramount. At Weststar Aviation Services we take pride in delivering excellence to our customers under very demanding conditions and sometimes in remote operations. We need a dependable partner offering the highest level of support. We are confident through partnering with Global Turbine Asia our customers will receive uninterrupted levels of service” declared Russel George Allen, CTO of Weststar Aviation Services.

Valérie Patuel, CEO of Global Turbine Asia, announced that the partnership presented an opportunity for both parties to gain immense value through sharing their expertise and further enhancing the support levels required for demanding offshore Oil and gas operations: “Global Turbine Asia is the first company in Asia-Pacific region to have licensed engineers on eAPU60. We are very proud to support the largest Oil and gas Operator in the region and such a influential market leader like Weststar Aviation Services. We are confident the SBH will have a direct impact in their operation in terms of cost saving and aircraft availability optimization.

“This contract reflects the relationship of mutual trust between Weststar, Global Turbine Asia and Safran Power Units. Weststar selected us because of our recognized expertise and experience in turbine support services. We’re proud to initiate a long-term Support-By-Hour (SBH®) agreement with our strategic customer, Weststar” added Laurent Le Foll, Vice President Commercial & Customer Support of Safran Power Units.

This partnership compliments an existing collaboration between both parties on the SBH® covering Arriel 2S2 engines fitted on Weststar Aviation Services S-76C++ operated in Indonesia.

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Langkawi, 26 March 2019 – Global Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd (GTA) today signed an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) License agreement with the engine manufacturer Europrop International GmbH (EPI), paving the way for GTA to bid for maintenance activities of TP400-D6 engines used in A400M.

GTA had earlier attained European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 certification for TP400-D6 engine in October 2018, making it the first non-European company to achieve the mandatory certification standard for military equipment.

Significantly, this AMO License agreement further consolidates the partnership between EPI and GTA. The agreement marks a major milestone in the industry and with this collaboration, constitutes the first time EPI relies on a foreign third party to carry out maintenance activities on their engine. It allows GTA to perform Level 1 and Level 2 (on-base) maintenance on TP400-D6 engines, the highest level attainable outside an OEM workshop.

The successful signing today is a culmination of GTA’s efforts that began in 2015 when it embarked on becoming the Malaysian reference as Safran’s helicopter engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), and also as a recognized centre of excellence for the fixed wing industry.

The partnership with EPI strengthens the foundation that GTA has been building towards becoming a homegrown Malaysian solution to the maintenance for state-of-the-art turboprop engines, with the medium-term ambition to also be a key player in the region. GTA’s aspiration is in direct support of the Malaysian Aerospace Blueprint 2030.

With the Airbus A400M and its TP400-D6 engine holding EASA certificates, EASA recognition is mandatory for any company seeking to become part of the TP400 ecosystem. The EASA 145 certification complements GTA’s Malaysian Directorate General for Technical Airworthiness (DGTA) AMO certificate achieved in 2017.

Being EASA Part 145 certified and a Europrop Approved Maintenance Organization for the TP400-D6 are key pre-requisites to be able to provide direct support to GTA’s longtime customer, the Royal Malaysian Airforce (RMAF). RMAF is a strategic user of the TP400-D6 in the Asia-Pacific region where GTA aims to extend their footprint.
Global Turbine Asia can be found in booth No B486 Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019 (LIMA’19).

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GTA Annual Berbuka Puasa 2018

22 May 2018 – In embracing Ramadhan, it is a yearly tradition for GTA to spread the spirit of sharing and giving by hosting an annual buka puasa feast. This year was no exception.

GTA was surprised and feel greatly honoured with the turn out this year. With over 260 guests, double in number than the previous year, this year’s joyous do was definitely a memorable one.

Joining in the breaking fast and dinner was GTA Chairman, Dato Nonee Radzi, members of the Board of Directors, representatives of the French Embassy, business partners, customers, management and staff of Global Turbine Asia.

Among the other important guests who attended the dinner were YBhg. General Tan Sri Roslan bin Saad (R), YBhg. General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Rodzali bin Daud (R), YBhg. Lieutenant General Dato’ Sri Hj Mutalib RMAF, YBhg. Dato’ Sathiya Seelan (PDRM), YBhg. Major General Dato’ Hj Mohamad Salleh RMAF, YBhg. Brigadier General Dato’ Dr Md Zaki RMAF, YBhg. Dato’ Tuan Mustafa (BHICAS), and Mr. David Jones (RUAG).

In her bilingual speech, GTA CEO Madame Valerie Patuel highlighted that the Buka Puasa Dinner is indeed a very special come-together event for GTA as a multi-religion and multinational Company. She stated that “Whatever our religion, we are all one GTA Family”.

It was hard not to notice the close proximity not only between the GTA Family, but also between them and their friends of the industry. For us at GTA, events like this is always a golden opportunity to strengthen the bond we have with our customers and partners.

The night drew to a close as the cultural performances ended. All in all, it was an excellent successful night filled with good food and good company.

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Visit of the French Embassy to GLOBAL TURBINE ASIA

It was an honour for GLOBAL TURBINE ASIA to have received the visit of His Excellency Mr Frederic Laplanche, the French Ambassador in Malaysia, and his delegations on 9 November 2017. The visit was led by GTA Chief Executive Officer, Madame Valerie Patuel, accompanied by Chairman, Dato’ Nonee Radzi and the higher level management.

His Excellency the French Ambassador and his delegates were given an in depth introduction to GTA history as well as recent and upcoming projects. They were also taken for a tour around GTA premise to have a quick view of the workshop, engines and tools, training room and other facilities.

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