We believe that the key to success is close collaboration with our partners. We share the same vision and demand for excellence with our clients. Our commitment to you is never a compromise.  We strive on empowering excellence.

The Service Centre Agreement between GTA and Safran Helicopter Engines and Safran Aircraft Engines grants GTA the license as the local authorised structure to carry out maintenance work on Safran engines.

  • SBH® Support By The Hour

    Fly with visibility.

    Turbomeca Support By The Hour is a comprehensive service providing financial and operational coverage for your engine maintenance. It can cover schedules as well as unscheduled events, limiting your exposure to unexpected expenses. You pay as you fly: SBH® will provide you with a fixed cost per engine flight-hour. It is directly linked to your flight activity.

  • AOG & Helpline

    Dedicated resources, immediate response.

    AOG & Helpline

    It is essential that you be able to perform your mission in the best possible conditions. Whatever the reason for your call, be it technical, logistics, difficulty connecting with your usual support person or an AOG situation, a team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and coordinate the best solution for whatever urgent situation may arise. In case of an AOG situation, GTA adheres to processes set in place by Safran Helicopter Engines allowing you to resume your operations with as little delay as possible. A targeted strategy was put in place that includes privileged communication channels between the various GTA team members.

  • Technical Assistance

    A strong team fully dedicated to your needs.

    Technical Assistance

    We are deeply committed to assisting you with the daily operation of your equipment. This is why highly qualified Field Representatives and Field Technicians are available and at your service 24/7, to help you in the field and with any technical questions you may have.

  • Spare Parts & Tooling

    Plan ahead of your maintenance operations.

    Spare Parts & Tooling

    Planning ahead for periodic inspections and preventive or corrective maintenance is essential to minimizing impact on your operations. Being proactive and planning ahead for your spare parts and tooling requirements helps you ensure that you will have the necessary items when you need them, and also maintain your inventory at optimal levels. Our spare parts and tooling service offers various options.



  • GSP Global Support Package

    The GSP® is Turbomeca comprehensive Military Support Solutions to respond to your operational, financial and political expectations.

    The GSP® contract is a long term partnership between you and GTA. It enables both parties to have a mutual understanding and develop a highly efficient working relationship. Through GSP®, GTA commits on:

    • The availability of your engines

    • The budget certainty and control

    • The daily technical partnerhip


    Finally, with the GSP contract you will stay focused on your core activity, while we take care of all industrial responsibilities.


  • Standard Exchange, Repair & Overhaul

    GTA is part of the large network of certified centres across the world, providing fast turn around time with the quality assurance you need.

    Standard Exchange, Repair & Overhaul

    GTA is one of the four certified maintenance centres  within the Safran Helicopter Engines network across Asia. Our regional clients benefit in shorter response time, maximized reactivity and a closer relationship.

  • Training

    Dedicating our experience to your skills.


QUALITY IS KEY We strive hard to ensure that we obtain the required certifications to support our quality of service.

  • EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate TP400 – D6 A400M(Page 1)

  • EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate TP400 – D6 A400M(Page 2)

  • DGTA Approved Maintenance Organization (Level 1 & 2 Maintenance) –SafranHE Makila 2 Engines

  • Safran Helicopter Engines Support Network Certified – Maintenance Centre and Distributor

  • CAAM Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate AMO 2022/2023(Page 1)

  • CAAM Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate AMO 2022/2023(Page 2)

  • CAAM Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate AMO 2022/2023(Page 3)

  • Safran Certified Maintenance Centre & Distributor


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